Wedding Styles - Whats Yours

Wedding Styles: What’s Yours?

Wedding styling is the overall look, feel and atmosphere of your wedding from start to finish. Even if you don’t know exactly what your wedding should look like, you probably have an idea of how you want it to feel. So to define your wedding style, ask yourself questions: Do you love dressing up for a fancy party? then, a black-tie wedding might be the right fit for you. Are you more of a laid back couple who loves outdoors and have a BBQ & beers? Then maybe a rustic wedding / barn wedding is ideal for you? Is your passion wine & gastronomy, then why not consider a vineyard wedding in South West of France? Do you love travelling, then a wedding abroad may be your style?

You don’t need to have a super-fancy wedding if that doesn’t reflect your personal style. Your wedding style should start with your personalities. Think about adding elements of how you met, what you have done together, your proposal, what’s represent you, your hobbies… anything that is unique to you.

So how do you style your wedding? Do some brainstorming with your fiancé and discuss what your personal style is and what, if any, uniquely ‘you’ elements you will be using. Use those photo shoots and real weddings as inspiration and collect images of every detail and idea that reflect your own style to create an inspiration board. Then, choose your venue wisely.  Look at venues that you can add to and not have to change to suit your style.  After that you will have the vision in your head and can choose other elements to compliment.

Here are some wedding style ideas to guide you in choosing your style:

* Classic Wedding

* Outdoor Wedding

* Vintage Wedding

* Rustic Wedding

* Beach Wedding

* Vineyard Wedding

Wedding Styles - Romantically Yours

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